Cosmetic Dentistry

An individual’s smile can say a great deal. A warm smile and a friendly handshake have always been important ingredients to a successful professional. A great-looking smile could also be the spark that starts an important relationship. But what do you do when your smile reveals a chipped tooth, an uneven bridge or stained teeth?

The dentists at Amadenta Dental Clinic have enhanced smiles for years through the use of cosmetic dentistry. People are surprised and pleased at the difference a few simple procedures can do for their appearance and self-esteem.

Many of our patients grow up with what most people call a problem mouth. They have gaps and gaping holes between their teeth, resulting in an awkward-looking smile. On a visit to Amadenta Dental Clinic, many individuals take the opportunity to have their teeth straightened without using braces. They may also have their teeth whitened and gaps corrected with porcelain veneers. All cosmetic procedures are performed in the comforts of our ultra-modern office.

It’s amazing what a difference cosmetic dentistry can make in a person’s life. Many of our patients smile more often. The best part is the compliments they receive from others. They feel like a million bucks and can feel more confident. A few simple procedures can really make a difference. We have treated many patients with the latest innovations in cosmetic dentistry. Today’s high-tech procedures allow us to strengthen teeth by grafting state-of-art materials to them. Unsightly colors and tooth shades can be corrected using a variety of techniques, including changing the color of the teeth through polishing and bleaching. To resurface the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced to an art and has changed people’s lives. Regardless of who you are, every smile has a little room for improvement.

Cosmetic services We offer:

  • Porcelain Crowns and bridges
  • Zirconium Metall-free crowns and bridges
  • Metal-free restorations:
    • Veneers
    • Inlays/Onlays
    • Crowns
  • IPS Empress restorations
  • Composite restorations