Professional oral hygiene (GBT)

Oral hygiene is the main method of preventing caries and periodontal disease. At Amadenta Dental Clinic, professional oral hygiene in Kaunas is performed using a new method GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY GBT (GUIDED BIOFILM METHOD) which is a new STATE-OF-THE-ART solution

  • GBT is based on the removal of stained biofilm during a professional hygiene procedure;
  • GBT is a truly minimally invasive procedure that reduces the need for manual instruments and the use of an ultrasonic scaler;
  • GBT is very comfortable for the patient and the clinician. It is efficient and time-saving. Prevention of tooth damage and perio protection for children and adolescents;
  • GBT supports the oral health and well-being of our patients.

Professional oral hygiene is one of the most important preventive measures to protect the teeth and gums from possible damage. Performing this procedure at least 2 times a year helps to maintain not only healthy teeth, but also the results achieved during dental treatment for longer. Most importantly, the oral hygiene treatment will result in more beautiful and whiter teeth overall.

  • The Oral Hygiene Procedure
  • The patient is introduced to the state of the oral cavity and to individual and professional hygiene needs through visual aids.
  • Medical instruments and an ultrasonic scaler are used to remove tobacco, tea and coffee plaque.
  • Air Flow sandblasting with unique powders to remove tobacco, tea and coffee plaque.
  • The teeth are polished to give them a smooth and shiny surface.
  • Once the procedure is completed, the patient is familiarised with personal oral hygiene and individual oral care products are selected: toothbrush, interdental brushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, mouthwash, and hygienic floss.
  • Especially good value for money – (with very good results) performed by an experienced oral hygienist;
  • Pleasant procedure – the special technique of the procedure allows even the most sensitive patients to relax!
  • Duration of the procedure – 50 min.
  • SOLO-PROFILAKTIKA – the world’s most advanced, research-based dental care programme;
  • Long-lasting healthy teeth – be the first to discover this FUTURE PROFILAKTIC SECRET !
  • Brighter Smile – teeth become radiant and bright with just 1-2 professional oral hygiene treatments per year.

At Amadenta Dental Clinic, professional oral hygiene is performed using the most advanced Swiss technology – AIR-FlOW MASTER – the world’s first subgingival prophylactic device.

The Air-flow master combines two technologies in one: the AIR-FLOW – the well-known original Air-Polishing technology – and the PERIO-FLOW technology, which allows for safe subgingival treatment.

The original Air-Flow and the Piezon method are the key to success in the prevention of periodontal disease!

The original AIR-FLOW method:

  • Effective polishing, reliable, fast and stress-free – comfort for the patient (no instruments – no noise);
  • Gentle application of biokinetic energy – no damage to the epithelium or connective tissue, no damage to tooth enamel!

Oiriginal AIR-FLOW Perio method:

  • Effectively removes bio-plaque from the deepest periodontal pockets, reliable reduction of bacteria – prevents tooth loss (periodontitis) or implant loss (peri-implantitis);
  • Unique turbulence of the air-powder mixture and leaching of the water stream thanks to the patented Perio-Flow tip.

Why is it important to have regular professional oral hygiene?

  • No matter how hard we try to clean our teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush, it is impossible to do it perfectly. There is always plaque on the more distant back teeth, on the lingual surfaces or in the grooves of the teeth that the bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach. Soft white plaque is formed by food debris, saliva and bacteria that live in the mouth and are not dangerous in themselves. As plaque sits on the surface of the teeth for longer, the bacteria release toxins and carry out chemical reactions that produce acids that weaken the tooth enamel and cause it to decay, leading to cavities.
  • Soft plaque that remains on the surface of the teeth for a long time is hardened by saliva and eventually turns into tartar. This is like a hard layer of limescale on the surface of the tooth, which can only be removed by professional oral hygiene – with the help of an ultrasonic scaler and the use of special instruments.

In case of gingivitis and painful gums, the damaged tissues are removed with the help of a laser, which is a minimally invasive, tissue-sparing, safe, highly effective and simple treatment method. The laser offers unique possibilities: not only is it possible to stop the progression of the disease, but also to achieve the regeneration of the periodontal ligament and the dissolved alveolar bone.

Dental biofilm is the real cause of dental caries. You cannot smell or feel biofilm, but it causes gum disease (periodontitis) and even tooth loss. GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY from EMS identifies it and removes it thoroughly. GBT KILLS BIOFILM:

Dantų apnašas matomas GBT
The use of colouring agents makes the BIOAPNACH visible!