Teeth Stain Removal

Tooth stain removal is increasing in popularity. It is also essential before procedures for tooth whitening.

The most common causes of tooth staining are due to the everyday things that we enjoy such as tea, coffee, wine, nicotine etc.

Our state of the art dental clinic in Kaunas will have your teeth stain-free and back to their natural colour within minutes, using this revolutionary AIRFLOW™ technology.

There are many ways to remove tooth staining at the dentist (e.g scale & polish). However, our experience has shown this Airflow technology to be very effective.

A mixture of air and special Airflow™ lemon flavoured powder combine with a water jet to remove plaque and staining from teeth, fast and painlessly.AIR FLOW

Why not book in before a special occasion, first date or even an important meeting to get that fresh, clean and healthy smile that oozes confidence!

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