Consultations and preventive dental check-ups

Amadenta Dental Clinic provides the following consultations and preventive check-ups:

  • Dental treatment and aesthetic filling consultations (up to 20 minutes);
  • Consultation on aesthetic dental fillings and prostheses with veneers or Cerec system (up to 1 hour);
  • Dental prosthetics and implant consultation (up to 20 min);
  • Preventive examination (up to 15 min);
  • Teeth whitening consultation (up to 10 min).

During the dental treatment and aesthetic filling consultation, the patient is informed about the irregularities, deficiencies and consequences of the oral cavity, treatment recommendations are made, a treatment plan is drawn up, and prices are calculated. The patient is informed about the possibilities of endodontic treatment, tooth whitening, tooth colour change.

During the consultation for aesthetic dental prosthetics with veneers, a detailed treatment plan is drawn up for the patient, and the cost of treatment is calculated. The condition of the teeth is evaluated – X-rays are necessary to assess the changes in the teeth, diagnostic impressions and plaster models are taken, photos of the face, teeth, smile are taken, and changes in colour and shape are discussed with the patient.

During the consultation for dentures and implants, the patient is provided with a treatment and prosthetic plan, informed about the existing defects, abnormalities, irregularities in the oral cavity, recommendations for teeth whitening, periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, implants, and aesthetic restorations in combination with the discussion of prosthetic options.

During the preventive examination, the patient is informed about dental and oral hygiene, deficiencies, irregularities, the condition of fillings, the need for retreatment, recommendations for teeth whitening, aesthetic dentistry, and general dental consultation, and we suggest where to start treatment. A treatment plan is not drawn up during the preventive check-up.